Join us for one of our upcoming community events!

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Wellness Wednesday - Sound Bath and Chaga Tasting

August 11th, 6:30-7:30

Join us for our first community event! Sound Healing by Danielle Elese paired with a Chaga Tea and Chocolate tasting.

We will begin the event with a Chaga Tea Tasting followed by a 30 minute sound bath, and ending with a Chaga Dark Chocolate tasting. The sound bath will begin as we sit in meditation. Then throughout the session, we will lay in a corpse pose (Shavasana) to allow the sound to wash over you and encourage optimal relaxation while we enter into Theta state.

We will also introduce you to Chaga! Chaga is a superfood that grows symbiotically with virgin birch trees in the Arctic circle. Chaga benefits are countless — chaga has the highest immune modulating, antioxidant, adaptogenic, and anti-inflammatory properties in any superfood.

The Chaga Company infuses the finest chaga mushrooms into drinks, teas, coffee, chocolate, powders, tinctures and elixirs so that you can reap the chaga benefits.

Nourish your Wednesday with a beautiful sound healing and Chaga from The Chaga Company. This event truly will ignite all your senses!

What To Bring:

-Yoga mat and whatever you need to lay comfortably (a pillow, blanket, eye pillow, ect)